Basic Tatting Video

Japanese site, showing mini videos of Ring, Chain, Split Ring, chose from the left side bar of the technique you wish to view. Ok to cancel installation of Japanese characters. The mini videos are still viewable without the text.

Sharon's Shuttle Tatting Demo Page

Watch mini videos of Sharon Brigg's shuttle tatting

Learn to tat by Carrie Carlson Right and Left Handed Instructions

Continuous Thread Method - CTM

Adding New Thread

Paradise Treasure's Adding New Thread

Debbie Drake's Adding a New Thread the Knotless Way!

Hiding Thread Ends

Magic Thread Method - MTM
Debbie Drake's Magic Thread...A Better Way!

Lily Morales' Method for Hiding Ends (pictorial)

Links for Split Rings Lessons

Half Moon Split Ring (HMSR)

Alternate Split Ring Hand Ring method

New ~ Single Shuttle Split Ring (SSSR) Loop Over Method by Matthew Takeda (Acrobat Reader required)

Karey Solomon's Single Shuttle Split Ring (Split chain method)

Links for SCMR - Self Closing Mock Ring

Shuttle Bros - Self Closing Mock Ring Instruction Pages

Thrown off ring/Ring off Ring ROR

Loop Tatted Ring on Ring

Links for Joins

Shuttle Join -

Lark's head picot join -

Frivolous Frivolite' - Split Ring Joins

Split Chain Join (SCJ) -

New ~ Joining from the second side of a Split Ring Transitional Join

Links for Picots

New ~~ CELTIC KNOTTED PICOT (CKP)-- a real celtic picot please look at pages 5 & 6

Kathy Lowe's Danish Tatting Stitch Demo - Inverse Picot

S-Chain vs. Z-Chain or Zig Zag Chain

Gina Butler's Utility Lock Stitch Chain (Acrobat Reader required)

Set Stitch Ben Fikkert's website, click on Goodies, then Techniques for Victorian Sets

Link for Encapsulation, wrapping Lark's head knots ie, 2nd side of SR

Link for Shoelace Trick / Switch shuttle concept

Link for paper clip

Shows paper clip used a spacer to make mock picot

Split Chain

Frivolous Frivolite' - Split Chain Technique

Dora Young Knot Tatting Summary

Links for Cluny Instructions

Mimi Dillman's Cluny Instruction Pages -
Split Cluny Instruction
Split Cluny II

More Cluny instructions -

Weaver's Knot

Roper's Knot Index - W (Weaver's Knot)

Beading and Tatting

New ~ Beaded Daisies Between Split Rings (Acrobat Reader required)
Tonya Smith's Beaded Center of Split Ring

Saundra Hameed's Guide for Beaded Tatting

Beading Info By Dianna Stevens

Jane Eborall's Frogs


Bead Makers Handbook --


Shuttle Bird's Workshop, Spokane Washington USA (Annually)

Tatting Tips Resource Pages

Tatting at BellaOnline. Tatting tips and articles.

Sharon Briggs Web Site
Wonderful comprehensive list of tips for your tatting, be sure to visit Sharon's Tatting Demo Pages for Tatting Video's online.

Tats's All Tips
Great resource of tatting tips compiled by Gale Marshall.

Translation Sites

InterTran - translate between 1,482 language pairs

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