Learn the Art of Miniature Kaleidascope Origami also known as Tea Bag Folding

Diagram & Instructions by Sabina Carden-Madden
©Paradise Treasures, October 2002

This series of folds will produce an 8 point pinwheel.

Step 1

Chose the pattern to be reflected at the points of the
finished pinwheel,place at the top of the square.

Turn the square over.

Begin with the wrong side or plain side of your square
facing up (Fig.1). Fold in half once from point to
point, left to right.

Note: For those who can eyeball it when folding
(See Fig.2), skip Step 1 fold.

Step 2

Fold two opposing points to the center line, crease
well. Your square should now look the form of a kite
(See Fig. 3).

Step 3

Turn over to reflect the patterned side of the kite
shape (Fig. 4)

Step 4

Fold the bottom point of the kite 1/3 up the center
of the kite exposing the open fold on the reverse side
to the front, cease well (Fig.5). Repeat for 8 squares.

Step 5

Insert 1 folded square into the exposed slot formed
by the upward facing triangle, one after the other.

Glue stick may be applied to the edge being inserted
to hold the pinwheel in place.

Size of your pinwheel depends on size of square used.

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Created Oct 9, 2002
Revised May 29, 2004