Beaded Tea Candle Holder
Split Ring Version

Designed by Sabina Carden-Madden
©Paradise Treasures, September 2003

Jos Van de Helm
This pattern is being shared in memory of Jos Van de Helm of Dordrecht, The Netherlands. Born June 20, 1960, she passed away February 9, 2003 at the young age of 42. A very talented tatter who designed many lovely tattings in her own right, she was well known by those who participate in the Round Robins on Maus's former Site and was an active member of Frivolité (k)ring Netherlands Lace Guild. She is very much missed as is her talent left with us in her designs.

The inspiration for the Mystery Snowflake came from the Mystery Doily pattern solved by Vicky Reynolds, a doily found by Georgia Seitz, original author of the pattern unknown to date.

Beaded Tea Candle Holder
Techniques: Ring, Chains, Split Rings, SCMR with Rings off Ring

TCH Images By Sabrina Murphy

A snowflake I recieved from Jo Schubert 4 yrs ago in my first Christmas Exchange I found out much later it was the pattern Jos created. Not knowing of Jos or her work personally, I designed this Tea Candle Holder as a derivative work initially using 3 shuttles and cluny leaves in Altin Basik Simili and Flora size 20 as a comfort tatting for my own enjoyment from the snowflake Jo had gifted me. Click here to see the cluny version, but the pedigree of this pattern leads back the to the Mystery doily who's designer is still a mystery.

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My sincerest thanks to Tara Hamilton who spotted the Mystery Snowflake on Maus's site and therefore allowed me to properly accredit the design. To Bobbie Demmer for letting me present this pattern as a class lesson and Riet Surtel for her help in donating this pattern to Jos's friends at the Frivolité (k)ring Netherlands Lace Guild where they shared membership and many happy moments.

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Created December 14, 2004