Split Chain Stitch Join Demonstration
by Sabina Carden-Madden
©Paradise Treasures January 2003

This demonstration is done with Direct Method Tatting, the same principle and configuration applies when traditional tatting and is mirrored bringing the shuttle thread making the double stitch through the joint point.

Advantage to using this technique, the stitch allows the Tatter to make a join emulating a double stitch while encapsulating the core thread. The core thread remains uninterrupted. It is consistant with the use of Lark's Head Picot Joins to maintain consistency of stitch appearance and technique relationship. This is an intermediate to advanced technique.

Applications for this technique include, picot joins, button and bead joins, creating an incorporated picot, creating a mock picot to replace a forgotten picot to be joined to, can replace a shuttle join for joining below the core thread or closing of Self Closing Mock Rings.

This demonstration may be copied for teaching purposes, please give the author recognition when doing so including this web page url.

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Created Januay 14, 2003
Revised May 29, 2004