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Free Tatting Patterns, Lessons and Techniques

~NEW~Echoing Wings of Love Butterfly for Wilma Walker - practice for SCJ, LHPJ, Dimple Hearts and Victorian Sets

3D Tea Blossom, practice for the Loop Tatted Ring on Ring technique

Knitted Pillow Heart Pin, uses single shuttle Rings and Josephine Rings to make the edging.

Corbetalabina Amulet Bag, uses Mock rings, Beaded Flower Split Ring necklace and Transitional Join

Embossing Powder and ones Tatting : A lesson in how I use it to stiffen and coat your Tatting

Candlelight Snowflake - Beaded or Twisted Picot Snowflake using Loop Tatted Rings, the SSSR (Loop over method) in a whole new way! Have fun and Merry Christmas to all my tatting friends.

Celtic Curly Wreath - Direct method chains and Single Shuttle Split Rings (Loop Over Method) along with beads create this quick ornament. No ends to hide since they are hidden automatically as you go!

Valisa Single Shuttle Egding -This pattern also uses the SSSR (Loop Over Method) and is dedicated in memory of a dear friend Val Smith.

Celtic Knotted Picot (CKP)- Celtic Style Picot Demonstration ~~ Make a Real Celtic Picot. Learn an unconventional picot method to enhance the negative space of your tatting. Practice with a Simple Clover Edging and an original Fan Motif design.

Alternate Split Ring Hand Ring Method ~~ Another method to make Split Rings when not working your hand ring in the Ann Orr or Judi Banashek "Dead Spider" methods. Give it a try see how you like it:)

Eva's Broom ~~ Eva's unique broom pattern with a seat for your comfort. Eva uses Rings, Chains and Split Rings and interesting construction method in this delightful pattern.

Beaded Tea Candle Holder - Split Ring Version ~~ This pattern is presented in memory of Dutch Tatter Jos Van de Helm

Holly Doodle ~~ Make doodle to embellish your greeting cards and gift tags for Christmas:)

Au de Claire Edging ~~ Rings, Chains, SCMR Rings off Ring and Josephine Rings

Diamond Rio Cluny Bookmark
Bookmark designed for cluny leaf practice

Flower Bookmark
Bookmark demonstrating use of two different brands of threads, shoelace trick (SLT)and reverse order double stitch (rods) ~~ Lesson revised Dec 16th, 2004

Clovered Angels
Practice the Half Moon Split Ring with this sweet little motif of clovers with a triangular center

Add New Thread
Learn a unique way to add new thread when you run out of thread on your shuttle or wish to hide a your second shuttle thread in the last ring of your project

Split Chain Join Stitch - SCJ
Learn a the split chain join stitch with this step by step photo demo, for joins below the line of progression and in keeping with the stitch family of the Lark's Head Picot Join. This tech also is a substitute for the shuttle lock join however does not interupt the core thread.

Half Moon Split Ring - HMSR
Learn a technique to emulate "chain over chain" as well as a new bridging technique

Tea Bag Folding Instructions
Learn one form of Kaleidascope Origami, have some fun with paper and embellish your notecards with your tatting as well.

Morphing 6 Part Lesson

Part One - Beaded Simple Angel
Part Two - Doily
Part Three - Butterfly
Part Four - Doily Edging
Part Five - Bookmark Edging
Part Six - Perpetual Tablemat

Half Moon Split Ring - Application and Pattern Conversion Discussion

S-Chain vs Z-Chain Demonstration - A comparison of two techniques and the effects they create with a discussion of encapsulated chains, convex and concave chains.

Riet's Z-Chain SSSR Necklace


Stitch Gauge
Make a tatting tool to measure the size of your finished work

Tech Links
One stop for links referenced in the above lessons

~ New ~Tatting Gadgets & Helpful tools
This page page in the works for showing gadgets and helpful tools I use in tatting. I will add more as I come across them.

Bina's Tatting & My Tatting Friends Pages

Lily Morales' Larks Head Picot Join Instructions

Eye Candy -- Pictures of work on display at Shuttlebirds Workshop April 2007 for the Theme Contest and Juried Show

Bina's Beanile Tatting Examples - Pieces I have tatting this year using Nina Libin's Beanile Tatted Lace Techniques and some patterns from her Lace Periodials and my own design's using Beanile technique.

Tara Hamilton presents her Original Design - Jasper Chip Bracelet

Riet Surtel's Inward Picot Demo - How did I do this?

Bina's mouseover demo of Wally's Dora Young Knot Bookmark Demo


Ginny's Dora Young Knot Demo


Susan Taliaferro's Snowflake - A gem from which lots can be learned



Bunny Trim by Erin Holloway


Riet Surtel's Beaded Dimple Cross


KiBear Earrings by Karoline Huls http://www.paradisetreasures.com/kibear.html

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