Celtic Curly Wreath

Pictures & Instructions by Sabina Carden-Madden
©Paradise Treasures, December 2005

Bina's Model Size 20 Flora/Size 11 beads
Measures 1 1/2" across

Tara Hamiliton's Model Size 30 Cebelia/Size 11 Beads

Techniques: Direct Method or Encapsulated chains, SSSR (loop over method by Mathew Takeda, click this link for instructions in pdf format)

Size 20 thread and 30 size 11 beads

Ch = Chain
SSSR = Single Shuttle Split Ring (Loop over Method)
B = Bead
+ = join
h = half stitch

Wind shuttle full, load 18 beads on shuttle thread, set aside 12 loose beads for the SSSR's

Measure 18" length of thread from shuttle before beginning chain encapsulating the larks head stitches around one (1) bead using direct method.

Ch: B 15 3B 30 3B 10 B 2ndh. For each curl; snug your stitches after each section of chain between the beaded picots to form the curled chain.

Using core thread, load 3 beads on the thread end make the next ring, carry shuttle thread in the first 7 stitches of the ring.

SSSR: 8 3B 4 / 4, anchor on bead on chain. Clip thread ends.

Tip: Don't make the triple bead picots tight, allow room for the two joins to be made or the curls will angle at the joins.

*Ch: B 15 + (left side of triple bead of last ring) 30 + (left side of first triple bead of first curl) 10 B 2nd h. Clip shuttle thread 6 - 8" from the shuttle. Thread chain back to front through the last SSSR.** Repeat SSSR.*

Repeat from * to * two more times, you should see 4 curls and a total of 6 visible triple beads ending with the last SSSR made.

Make the 5th curl as the last 3 with the following exception. Do not load beads to the SSSR, instead use a non twisted picot join to join the SSSR to the second triple beaded picot of the first curl.

The final curl also loads no beads. Make the first join to remaining side of the triple beaded picot of the first curl, make second join to the last curl and thread through the last SSSR made.

To make the final and finishing SSSR, make the ring around the chain of the first curl by threading the hand ring thread front to back around the chain and being the ring in the same manner as the other SSSRs, join the this SSSR to the first triple beaded picot of the first curl. Make sure the lower part of the hand ring is not behidn the join or the ring will not close and encapsulate the chain properly. Complete the ring anchoring to the single bead and clip ends. Voila all done:) Any questions email me, I will be happy to assist you.

Special thanks to Tara Hamilton for working up a quick model and providing an image while my scanner is down.:)

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Created December 17, 2005