Star Beaded Simple Angel
by Sabina Carden-Madden
©Paradise Treasures, January 2003

Variation of Birgit Phelps Super Simple Angel

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2 Shuttles
Size 20 thread with metallic filament thread added or Size 50 Altin Basik Simili (metallic embellished thread)
Size 10 sead beads
6mm Star Beads 7 each (3/16" dia)

Featured Techniques: , MR with bead at center, SCJ, employing metallic threads

Red = S2 is core flipping ds to S1 thread -- = 3/16" omp
Blue = S2 wrapping lark's head knots over S1 core lppr = Last picot previous ring
MR = Mock Ring vsp = Very small picot
SCJ = Split Chain Stitch Join SS = Switch Shuttles
SCMR = Self Closing Mock Ring sep = Separated
Ch = Chain omp = Open measured picot
ds = Double Stitch opp = Opposite chain
p = picot rep = Repeat
b = Bead load to picot pc = Paper clip or spacer
- = 1/8" omp

Lesson Notes:

A regular SCMR would call for an rw after every element and no switching of shuttles...Using direct method (DM) of not flipping but wrapping to the create the chains keeps you on the front side of your work at all times, (with the exception of making a true ring with S2 shuttle)...For this lesson, this pattern is written with no rw's, it is worked as follows: Ch a: DM, SCMR A: tatted ds, Ch b: DM, etc. Rw only when indicated. also is should be noted how this method locks the thread (minimizes gaposis)...Seed bead joins are done traditionally. MR bead joins can be done using shuttle lock join or onion ring join, however as part of this lesson, Split Chain Stitch Join (SCJ) is demonstrated and intended for practice in it's application as related to beads, picots below the core thread, and closing SCMR's. Where an SCJ is used reduce segment stitch count by 1...It duplicates a ds in appearance while encapuslating the core thread as does a regular ds. SS denotes a reassignment of shuttle task, SLT maybe used as well to accomplish the same result.

Body Center

CMT with pc
Ch a: 7 - 5, SS
SCMR A: 3 -- 3 - 3, SS
Ch b: 5, SS
SCMR B: 3 + (b lppr) 4 -- 3 - 3
SCMR C: 3 + (b lppr) 3 - 2 -- 2 - 2 -- 2 - 3 - 3
SCMR D: 3 + (b lppr) 3 -- 4 - 3, SS
Ch c: 5, SS
SCMR E: 3 + (b lppr) 3 -- 3, SS
Ch d: 5 + (b p Ch a) 7, rw

Beaded Mock Ring Method for traditonal SCMR: Load star bead over S1 shuttle thread (core thread), make loop at least one and a half size shuttle being used. Tat half the ring with applicable joins leaving loop hanging. Be sure to extend loop again if it is drawn upon. Load bead over loop leaving the a space behind the bead large enough for shuttle to pass through. Join the top of the beaded loop at half way point of the mock ring and tat second half of the ring. Drop shuttle through the space behind the bead. In order, first draw on to the join at the half way point of the ring, then back to the first ds of the ring, lastly draw on the shuttle and draw the remaining slack on the core thread out of the ring.

Beaded Mock Ring Method for SCJ Closure: Load a star bead over the S1 shuttle thread (core thread), pc the loop and draw back on shuttle thread to take up all slack, do not twist at the base of the bead. Tat the ring to the half way point, SCJ to the beaded loop, tension first half of the ring, drawing on core thread, tat second half of the ring and SCJ at the base of the bead, tension second half of the ring.

MR F: 12 + (loop with star bead) + (Ch a pc) 6 - 6 + (base of MR F), rw or MR F: 11 SCJ (loop with bead) + (Ch a) 6 - 5 SCJ (base of MR F), rw
Ch e:6 + (p E)6 - 6 - 6 or Ch e: 5 SCJ (p E) 6 - 6 - 6


MR G: 6 - 6 + (loop with bead) - 6 - 6 + (base of MR G), SS or MR G: 6 - 5 SCJ (loop with bead) - 6 - 5 SCJ (base of MR G), SS
Ch f: 8, SS
MR H: 6 + (lppr) 6 + (loop with bead) - 6 - 6 + (base of MR H), SS or MR H: 6 + (lppr) 5 SCJ (loop with bead) - 6 - 5 SCJ (base of MR H), SS
Ch g: 3 + (4th p C) 5,SS

Rep MR H
Ch h: 5 + (2nd p C) 3, SS
Rep MR H, SS
Ch i: 8,SS
Rep MR H
Ch j: 6 - 6 - 6 + (p A) 6 + (a/F)

Wings & Head

Ch k: 6, 14 1/4" omp sep by 2 ds, SS, or Ch 4, 10 p graduated in size beginning 1/16" omp sep by 2 ds, 10, SS
SCMR I: 4 + (p MR F) 4, SS
Ch l: 5 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 2 - 5, SS

Ch m: 10, 14 1/4" omp sep by 2 ds, SS or work graduated picots in reverse order, Ch 10, 10 picots graduated in size begining 5/8" omp sep by 2 ds 4
Join to F/e
Cut and tie, hide ends

My special thanks to Birgit Phelps for allowing the use of her pattern for the demonstration of this lesson...Please visit the above noted link to view another lovely variation of her Simple Angel created by Martha Ess and other beautiful works she has presented.

You may print this lesson and share it, please give recognition to the designers as noted above.

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Graphics watermarked with Digimarc & edited by Charles D. Madden

Created March 6, 2003
Revised May 29, 2004