Adding New Thread

Pictures & Instructions by Sabina Carden-Madden
©Paradise Treasures, December 2002

This method of adding thread can be applied to both single shuttle work as well as ring and chain work. It allows you to hide the old thread in the current ring being worked, creates a mock ds to interrupt the new thread with a knot to keep it from coming loose and then using the new thread to make the next element hiding the old thread end.

I personally dislike the look of real knots such as weaver's knots or over hand knots. This method is a variation of adding thread by means of a lark's head knot over the core thread at the base of a ring prior to closing...

Should you find yourself with an empty shuttle but with enough for an additional ring, finger tat the first ds of the ring over the new thread and use the new shuttle to flip the stitches of the entire ring...Happy Tatting!!!

New shuttle flips ds, tats over old thread end and core.

1. After placing shuttle thru loop, pull up on loop with crochet hook to snug to last ds
2. Thread to be tightened here at base of stitch at core.
3.This loop will disappear with next maneuver.
4. Take up slack and tension stitch by pulling up on shuttle thread.

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Created December 19, 2002
Revised May 29, 2004